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Folder cPanel Control Panel (1)
Logging in, General Usage, etc.
Folder Domain Names (5)
Changing name servers, propagation, etc.
Folder Email (14)
Create new accounts, Connect using Outlook, etc.
Folder Payments (4)
Paying invoices, payment methods, etc.
Folder SSL (2)
Shared and private digital certificates, Securing your website, etc.
Folder Upgrading/Downgrading (2)
Adding extra bandwidth, dedicated IP's, changing web hosting plans, etc.
Folder Web Stats (2)
Web stats vs. Counters, Benefits, etc.

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Those in Manitoba using MTS as their ISP require a change in SMTP settings to send POP3 email. Either of the following combinations will work: 1....
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If you are having problems with sending POP3 email (SMTP or Outgoing Email), there are a few things you can do. Usually one of the following will...
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Article Resolving 'Quota Exceeded' or 'Mailbox Full' Errors
All emails stored on the server, including new, read, sent, or email in the trash that has not yet been deleted count towards the quota for the...
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Article How to Create New Email Accounts in cPanel
Step 1: Go to your cPanel control panel at (replace with your own domain name). Log in with your username...
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Article How to Access Email Accounts
There are two ways to access your email accounts you've created in cPanel. You can either view them online with WebMail or by using POP3/IMAP.1....
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