How to Access Email Accounts

There are two ways to access your email accounts you've created in cPanel. You can either view them online with WebMail or by using POP3/IMAP.

1. WebMail

WebMail is similar to Hotmail, GMail, or Yahoo where you can access your mail online. Simply enter your domain name followed by /webmail. For example, if your domain name was, you would go to

To log in, enter the full email address as the username and the password for the specific email account in the box that pops up. There are three differeent webmail programs you can use. Simply choose the one with the interface you like the best as they all function the same. Once inside, you will be able to compose new email, create folders, delete emails you no longer need, and change settings such as creating an auto-responder for when you are away.


POP3 and IMAP are protocols to use a program like Thunderbird, MacMail, Eudora, Netscape, Outlook, or Outlook Express to access your email. By using these programs on your computer, they make it possible to automatically go to the server, check for emails, and download them directly to your machine.

You must set up a new email account in your program and use the following information:

Incoming Server: (replace '' with your own domain)

Outgoing Server: (replace '' with your own domain)

Outgoing Port: 25 (default) or 26 (some ISP's block port 25 for outgoing email so if you have problems sending email, try changing to port 26)

Username: Full email address

Password: The password for the specific email account

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