The Purpose of Email Account Quotas

What are Quotas?

Each email account you set up is initially assigned a quota of 10 MB. A quota limits the amount of disk space (storage) each email account can use. Quotas can be increased up to the total amount of disk space available for the entire hosting account. Anything stored on the server for the email account contributes to the quota - new messages, read messages, and trashed messages not yet deleted. If an account reaches the quota, all email delivery stops and the sender will receive a notification that the message could not be delivered because the quota was exceeded. So that this never happens, periodically remove emails you don't need.

Why Have Quotas?

Quotas prevent one email account from single-handedly using all the disk space for the entire hosting account. This would cause all email accounts to stop receiving email because there is no available space. Without quotas this scenerio is very possible if someone goes on vacation, forgets to check their email, does not use a spam filter, or does not delete emails from the server on a regular basis.

When assigning quotas, give email accounts enough for their regular day-to-day needs but never so much that if they accidentally filled it up that it would cause problems for others. Always allocate as low an amount as possible.

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