Resolving 'Quota Exceeded' or 'Mailbox Full' Errors

All emails stored on the server, including new, read, sent, or email in the trash that has not yet been deleted count towards the quota for the email account. When the quota is reached, all emails will be returned to the sender with a 'Quota Exceeded' or 'Mailbox Full' error.

Once space is made available by downloading or deleting messages, email will be delivered again granted that the individual message does not itself exceed the quota. For example, if the quota for an email account is 10 MB and 8 MB are already stored on the server, an incoming 1 MB email will be delivered successfully but a 3 MB email will not because it will exceed the quota.

What to do when you reach your quota

If an email account is at its quota, you must make space available in your email account so that new messages have somewhere to be stored when arriving at the server. The following two ways allow you to to do this:

  1. Increase the Account's Quota - Go to your cPanel -> Mail -> Add/Remove/Manage Accounts -> Quota and increase the amount of space allocated to the email account. Email will be delivered immediately as long as it does not exceed the new quota.
  2. Manually Delete/Download Emails - Go to your WebMail ( and delete or download any unecessary emails. As soon as you've cleaned up your account, email will immediately be delivered as long as it does not exceed the existing quota.

Leaving a Copy on the Server when using POP3

If you use a program such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, MacMail, Eudora, etc. to access your email (POP3), it is important to remember that each email message is stored on the server even though you are downloading them to your computer. A common problem is when people use these programs exclusively for email and then suddenly start receiving mailbox full errors but don't know why.

These program may be configured to leave a copy of the message on the server. So, while you download the message to your computer, it isn't being deleted from the server and over time, these messages will build up and eventually exceed the quota. If you want to keep copies on the server because you read them in other locations at different times, make sure you manually delete what you don't need using your WebMail. If you primarily use your POP3 program for email, select the option to automatically delete copies on the server. This will ensure only new emails will be on the server and as soon as you download the messages, the server will be cleared.

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