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There are numerous statistics provided by the software in your cPanel (Web/FTP Stats -> Awstats/Webalizer) regarding the visitors on your website. You've probably heard about website 'hits' or 'uniques' but may be confused as to what they actually mean. The following list gives you some idea what to pay attention to.

Unique Visitors

Also known as 'uniques', this is the number of new people visiting your website. That is, if a user comes to your website, looks around, leaves,and comes back, it will be counted as 1 since they are the same person. Unique visitors are very helpful in understanding the real number of people visiting your site.

Number of Visits

This is a number based on unique visitors but tells you how many times they are coming back. For example, if you have 1000 unique visitors in one month and the number of visits are 2000, it indicates that on average, people are coming back after their initial visit. If it were 3000, people are coming back twice.


This number indicates the total number of pages that were served during the period. If you have 1000 unique visitors, and 10,000 pages, that tells you that on average, visitors are looking at 10 pages on your website.


Hits are deceiving as they indicate lots of visitors to your website. However, hits are actually a request for every page, image, stylesheet, and other content on your website. Each page may contain many images so this number is easy to inflate. Use as a helpful guide only.


This is the total bandwidth (transfer) needed during the period. Each time a request is made to the server as visitors are viewing your web pages, the server responds with the page, image, stylesheet, and other content and transferring that to the user requires bandwidth. This number is a good indication if you're reaching your available bandwidth for your account or if you have plenty to work with.


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