Addon Domains - Adding Additional Websites/Domains

Your hosting account can host other websites/domains as well as your main site. Each website will be completely separate from any other sites in your account. All are managed through your cPanel and can use FTP to upload and change files. This is a great option for people with multiple websites for business, family, hobbies, etc. because it saves having to get separate web hosting for each website. Addon domains also allow you to redirect a domain to a specific page somewhere else.

Creating a New Addon Domain

To create an addon domain, you need to have a domain name for the new website you want to add and it needs to point to our servers. To do that, simply update the nameservers where you purchased the domain to (NS1) and (NS2). Then when someone types in the domain, they will be directed to the server and your add-on domain will be used.

In your cPanel, click the link/icon for 'Addon Domains'. It is usually the fifth icon on the top row. Enter the domain name, a name for the folder that will be created for the website, and a password for FTP (uploading/editing files). Click 'Add Domain' and a new folder will be created at the root level (in the 'www' folder) with the name you gave it. That folder becomes the spot where you can put all your files for that specific domain/website.

How Addon Domains Work

The new addon domain has a folder with the name you gave it. To modify files for the new domain/website, you would navigate to the folder for the website and make changes just like you would for any other site.

When someone types in the add-on domain name (e.g. ''), it's like having a completely separate hosting account and they will see the web pages and files within that folder only. A person visiting would have no idea that another site is in the same account and vice versa. Your main hosting account website is the main domain name and therefore all files are at the root 'www' level inside no other folder. 

As an example, let's say you have three domain names and want to create three completely different websites. Your main account website/domain name is ''. You have all files for this website at the root 'www' level. Your second domain name is '' which you set-up as an Addon Domain and name its folder 'dogs'. Your third domain name is '' which you also set-up as an Addon Domain and name its folder 'hockey'. In this case, all your files about cars would be at the root 'www' level and there will be two others folders called 'dogs' and 'hockey'.

Please note that any addon domain will use a portion of the main account's bandwidth and disk space.

Redirecting Addon Domains

Addon domains can be redirected to another website or page if you do not want to have a completely separate website. This is a good option if you own multiple domain names but want them to go to another site if they are ever used. For example, if you had two domain names but wanted the second to go to the first, you would set up an Addon Domain and redirect it to the first.

Please note that this is different from Parked Domains where domains will not redirect but rather show the files for the main website in the account.

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