What are Parked Domains?

Your web hosting account allows you to add ('park') multiple domain names so that they're all attached to your one existing account. Any Parked Domain will allow users to reach your website ('www' folder) when entering the 'parked' or 'pointed' domain into their browser. The main domain name that identifies your account is not listed as a Parked Domain. 

Creating a Parked Domain

To create an active Parked Domain, you need to have a domain name that points to our servers. To do that, simply update the nameservers where you purchased the domain to (NS1) and (NS2). Then when someone types in the domain, they will be directed to the server and your Parked Domain will be found. You can still set up a Parked Domain even if the nameservers haven't been updated but it will only work once they are.

In your cPanel, click the link/icon for 'Parked Domains'. It is usually the fourth icon on the top row. Enter the domain name and click 'Add Domain'.

How Parked Domains Work

If you add a Parked Domain, it will allow users to reach your website via that name. All Parked Domains will show the same files but use their own domain name. As an example, let's say you have a file in your 'www' folder called 'myfile.html'. Your main domain name for your account (e.g. '') as well as any active parked domains (e.g. '', '') would all show the same file using their respective domain name. So,, and would all work and show the same thing. In this scenario, you might choose to only advertise one of the domains.

Parked Domains are a good solution if you decide to change your primary domain name for your website. Simply add a Parked Domain and discontinue advertising the old one. If you want another completely separate website in your account, create an Addon Domain.

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