How to prevent an email account from receiving a copy of each message when it is being forwarded

When you set up a forwarder on an email account, it will receive the message just like the email address all mail is being forwarded to will. There is no way to turn off the email being sent to the originating email account because it exists on the server and as such, takes priority over forwarding it. That is, the forwarder sends a copy to the secondary address. There are two things you can do.

1) Delete the email account being forwarded. Let's say you have Email1 being forwarded to Email2.  By deleting Email1, the forwarder will still exist and send all email to Email2. An email will not be delivered to the Email1 account because it doesn't exist. Email sent to Email1 will be successfully sent to Email2 via the forwarder because the server sees it as an approved destination even though there is no email account for the Email1 address. This is only good when you are the only one checking the account and still want to accept email from an email address. You cannot send email from Email1 however because it wouldn't exist.

2) Configure your email program to check both email addresses. Email programs like Outlook and Thunderbird can be easily set up to check multiple addresses all from the one program. By doing this, each account has a separate inbox, sent box, drafts, junk, etc. and you can receive email from all accounts simultaneously and send email from whichever account you need to (e.g. customer replies). This would be an option if you do not want to delete the email account being forwarded.

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