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Article Fixing Outlook's problem where emails with large attachments stay in the outbox yet the message sends multiple times to the receipient
Outlook as a common problem sending emails with large attachments over 1 or 2 MB. These emails...
Views: 1725
Article How to Access Email Accounts
There are two ways to access your email accounts you've created in cPanel. You can either view...
Views: 2545
Article How to Configure an Email Program to Keep a Copy of Emails on the Server
Some people use multiple programs and platforms to access their email. For example, you may use...
Views: 1681
Article How to Configure an Email Program to NOT Keep a Copy of Emails on the Server
Thunderbird, Outlook, and Outlook Express have a default setting that leaves a copy of each email...
Views: 1832
Article How to Create New Email Accounts in cPanel
Step 1: Go to your cPanel control panel at (replace with...
Views: 2576
Article How to Fix Sending Email/SMTP Problems
If you are having problems with sending POP3 email (SMTP or Outgoing Email), there are a few...
Views: 4757
Article How to prevent an email account from receiving a copy of each message when it is being forwarded
When you set up a forwarder on an email account, it will receive the message just like the email...
Views: 1337
Article How to Setup a New POP3 Email Account in Outlook Express
Step 1: Start Outlook Express. Click on 'Tools' in the menu bar and then go to 'Accounts'. Step...
Views: 2410
Article POP3 vs. IMAP
There are two different protocols that can be used to access your email with programs like...
Views: 1830
Article SMTP Settings for MTS Users
Those in Manitoba using MTS as their ISP require a change in SMTP settings to send POP3 email....
Views: 10388

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